The main lodge has 11 rooms configured for 2 occupants (bunk beds) and 2 rooms configured for 4 occupants (2 sets of bunk beds). Clients can request one of the double occupancy rooms as a single for themselves at the rate of $80 per night or if you don’t mind rooming with a friend or family member, at the rate of $50 per person per night. There are 4 available cabins, each having a capacity for 4 individuals. Cabin rates are $150 per night for two or $275 per night for 3-4 (per cabin, not individual).

Check in time is between 5 – 9 PM. Please plan your travel accordingly. If you have to arrive later than 9 PM, check the room assignment / lodge layout board just inside the main lodge entry for your room/cabin assignment.

Meal breakdown: 3 meals per day $55.00. Breakfast $15.00, Lunch $20.00, Dinner $20.00.

NOTE: Dinner will not be served on the evening preceding the first day of the scheduled training.

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Black Bear Lodge North:  10999 S Dixon Rd
Mount Carroll, IL 61053


Overhead view when you are within 10 miles